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Welcome is a place where families can come to find fun things to do with your family, recipes, links to other family friendly sites, shop, and parenting videos. See below for our recent fundraising campaign. Enjoy!! .

Outdoor Fun

Fun outdoor games. Have fun playing tag, water games, and pool games. Hope you have a lot of outdoor fun.


Yummy Recipes for everyone.


We are choosing causes to raise funds for. We can all make a difference.

Fund Raising Fun

Join us for a little fund raising. We are posting some fundraisers that we believe in and contribute to. Not only are we posting them we are giving you the opportunity to help as well. We believe together we all can make a difference. Click on the photo above each fundraiser to donate and get more information..

The Hope Effect

The Hope Effect

Children deserve to be loved and nurtured just as we all do. Over 26 million children worldwide live without parents. Additionally, there is growing research that traditional, institutional-style orphanages are failing those they desire to help. When children do not receive adequate personal interaction within a loving environment, development is stunted and learning abilities are delayed or lost. Kids are aging out of these traditional-style orphanages behind in almost every stage of human development.

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